DIY-Challenge #28: Jar of Joy

This one is going to be in English for a change. And for a good reason: Joy is an important source of engery for all of us. One that will never run dry if we keep striving for it.

Now, the new year is just a couple of hours old but you might feel overwhelmed by it already. It is like a blank page that you have to fill. But what could you possibly put on it. Your life is the same like it was 1
minute before midnight on New Year's Eve and still... this odd empty sheet of paper we call 2014 is staring at you, urging you, pushing you, leaving you restless. If you hate the uncertainty of beginnings as much as I do this may be your cure!

All you need is an empty jar, paper, and a pen. If you happen to have little bits and pieces to decorate you jar - even better. Decorate the jar so you will like to look at it. It will be your companion for this new year. With every day that goes by you will grow more accustomed to the new year. Today you might feel like an alien - totally lost in this strange universe. Yesterday you were in the home that you loved, you felt comfortable in 2013... well, you can have the same feelings towards 2014. It's going to be fun.

Your JAR OF JOY contains your happiness. The happy memories that you will collect throughout the year. Let it engergize you!

If you are reading this in the middle of the year and you would have liked to start this at the beginning of the year: don't think twice - start today. Today is a great day to start your own jar of joy or your bottle of joy or your box of joy or your calender of joy or your very own book of joy... you get the idea. Once you get into the joy-groove it will be much easier to identify the joyous areas in your life.

I am not just saying this because it sounds nice. I tried this on myself last year and believe me: I am not the most optimistic person in the world. I had a calender and called it the happy book or the joy book and forced myself to find 3 things that I was happy about every day and I wrote them down. Sometimes there were lots of events, memories and moments to choose from and sometimes I could not convince myself that there was anything I was happy for. But thinking thoroughly about your day helps you appreciate the little things... and there will be days when all you will be happy about is the full tin of coffee you have at home so you can make yourself a decent cup of coffee. Other days might hold the biggest surprises or the most unexpected encounters. 
At the end of the year you can look at all these little notes and I promise... you will find great joy in them!

Here are two suggestions:

1.) Fill your jar of joy with things you are happy about. Whenever something good happens but in a note that will remind you of your joy. Also put down the date for later reference.

2.) If you generally have trouble remembering joyful things get in the habit of joy-identification. Get yourself to put down 3 things you are thankful for every day. The easiest way to do that is a calender.

One more idea: If you kept the empty bottles from New Year's Eve make yourself a bottle of joy. Put in joyous notes throughout the year and on New Year's Eve 2014 take a box and smash the bottle so all the notes will come out. Read them! Great medicine against New Year's depression.


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